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Celebrity: Meh

Posted on: Thursday 01/29/2015 05:57:40

Living and working in Nashville, I tend to run into people that are often put on a pedestal.

Being somewhat unfriendly, it isn't a problem for me to treat them as average people who are probably tired of being "on," anyway. Since I work in people's homes, I will sometimes get the call from a sales rep, telling me that such-and-such is the guitarist for some crap band that I usually haven't listened to anyway.

This week, I have been working at the home that Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood are building. Atop a hill, just north of Nashville, the place is large, and will be extravagant, to say the least.

I posted a picture of their view of the town on Facehole earlier, but wasn't about to drop names. We were informed to not address them directly with any questions about the construction. They come in a few times a day, looking things over, and generally keeping the plans straight. They also wasted $30,000 on a steel beam idea that they decided against. The walls are structural steel, rather than wood, because (I'm told) she "doesn't want to see any blemishes" in her walls. (Sometimes screws pop out in drywall, forcing someone to patch and paint. Not them.)

I just see them as a nice couple. As they passed me yesterday, I smiled and exchanged greetings, and then left to pull more wire.

I don't listen to their music, but have heard his crap about the rodeo, and remember that he made good use of an obscure Billy Joel song back in the day.

Another time, I got the call to drive out to Leipers Fork to service Mike Wolf's alarm system. He's one of the guys from "American Pickers," who had built a home near Nashville. When I called, he was just like the TV personality, and proceeded to dicker with me about arrival time.
"Nah, that's not gonna work... I'll have to leave to check on the new store, so we'll just have to reset."
That was fine with me; all I was to do was demo his alarm system, and I was saved a long drive.

Last year I ran into Steven Tyler while walking one of the dogs. We were at a hotel downtown. We must be the only people who vacation in their own town. Bastard was talking to some groupie sort in the doorway, and acted like he couldn't be bothered to step aside. I wanted to blow snot at him for having written "Rag Doll," but thought the better of it. I do like Aerosmith from the 1970s.

Anyway, enough rambling. How do you guys greet celebs? How about ones that you don't particularly care for?


Apple vs. Android

Posted on: Monday 07/21/2014 03:22:19

Hello, folks. Long time, blah blah.

I have used an iPhone *ducks flying, rotten tomatoes* for years, but for work I use an Android tablet, which I am getting used to, and beginning to prefer. My latest discovery is the Swype feature, which works pretty well for what I do, but I haven't quite gotten down certain things yet, such as words with the same letter used consecutively.

There are pros and cons associated with each device. I like Apple's spellcheck, although at times it jumps the gun and fixes what isn't broken. I prefer Android's ability to swipe to initialize (which can be done from any point across the screen, and in any direction.) The Apple is still left-to-right, which feels archaic.

Who uses and prefers which device?


Checking in

Posted on: Friday 05/24/2013 02:21:50

Hello, all.

I haven't posted in some time, even great many days, but I usually try to keep up with what's going on in all of your lives.

I've just realized that I have missed an entire week of posts due to life in general, logistics and burgeoning alcoholism.

If I were to post each day, it would be the same:

"Got up late (because the jobs start late, and I have an hour-and-a-half commute. Sometimes two, depending on the location for the day.

Woke up to the wife screaming at her parents about something stupid, like the type of cat food they bought for their own cat.

Got to Murfreesboro only to wait on the customer to get home...

Got to Bumfuckedegypt for the last installation to start around 5 pm, but guess what? No customer! So I wait.

About thirty minutes later, I'm quite hacked-off and ready to tear the shit out of their driveway whilst hauling ass out of there, but, here comes the dually miniature monster truck, and the dolts that are in debt for having purchased it.


Seems they have cancelled, because they can't afford the additional payment.

At this point, I don't care, because I'm about to become a sarcastic motherfucker who compliments their taste in Coca-Cola decor (everything in the trailer is decked out in Coke logos. Sometimes it's John Deere tractor shit,) sweetly bids them farewell, then cranks the most obnoxious Dead Kennedys cd while slowly backing out and waving goodbye.

Now I face another couple of hours driving back home, which is the best part of the day for me. I have always enjoyed finding my way home from wherever. I just wish "home" was my own.

Get home around 8 or 9 pm, to argue with the wife who hates me as much as I hate her."

So yeah, I don't post much. I would rather read than anything, but I feel that I must check in from time to time.

I'm so happy to see Mary back, and I hope the best for Fakebrunette, because she doesn't seem happy like she did only a week ago.

Claire, text me!

Blackbird, I knew you'd rock the new job.

Kb, how's the 330 build coming along? You've inspired me to build a new bass guitar, but that will be another time.

Easysleeper, this new version of KCL is fast as fuck, especially when coupled with wi-fi. As always, thank you.

To all else, lots of love and have a wonderful weekend.

Your buddy,




Posted on: Saturday 03/02/2013 01:14:34


I wake up to the scent of coffee.
But it's Folger's, brewing in a 1971 percolator, with the blue floral pattern on the side. Corning Ware. That's it.
Smells like someone torched a box of Sugar Smacks.

I guess I should be grateful that someone wakes up before me to make the coffee, but really, I can do that, and I miss doing that.
At least I could enjoy my damned coffee if...
If only...

Sod it.

***grabs bottle of Cuervo instead***

Mainly for the KCL gentlemen...

Posted on: Sunday 02/24/2013 04:37:42

I've just learned that it isn't a very good idea to try to manscape whilst enjoying a few shots of Cuervo.
#thewifeisoffthehook #bloodstains #crap

So how is everyone else today?


Posted on: Wednesday 02/20/2013 02:15:43

I'm in shock at the loss of my friend. She was killed when her car collided head-on with another early Tuesday morning in Mesa, AZ.
She leaves behind her children, Maya (11) and Connor (14.)
We had been friends in high school before she moved back home to AZ in 1990. In the last two years, I had reconnected with her on Facebook, and I let her know what she had meant to me.

She was thirty-seven.

Secret Santa 2012

Posted on: Friday 01/04/2013 05:57:19

I received a text.

It was a picture of the package that had been sent from my Secret Santa!

I had used this same addy last year for SS; it belongs to the guy that I have worked for for the last three years. We recently decided to end the company and go on our separate ways. I completed my final job for him last week.
I was off work today, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make one last pilgrimage to Clarksville to pick up the package.

Luckily, when I arrived at dude's house, he was sick in bed, and had placed it on the front porch a few minutes earlier.

I pulled over a couple of streets away, more out of curiosity as to who had been my SS this year than to actually open the gift.

I smiled as I read Newplayer's handwriting on the card.

He had sent me a copy of Dave Matthews Band's new album, Away From This World, which I immediately put in the player for the ride home. Also included was a nice, hardback Complete Guide to SINGLE MALT SCOTCH, which I will reference in the next months. It's a guide to Scotland's finest whiskies.

I tried to get a picture of both gifts, but only the guide proved photogenic, so I will tell you about my drive home with DMB.

I hadn't heard this new album, so it provided a nice soundtrack for the ride home, my final voyage from Clarksville to Bowling Green along those old two-lane roads that I have travelled for so long. This edition also contains some live material at the end of the album proper, which to me proves how good these people are as a band. It was a much-needed departure from my same-old same-old, and also it put a nice end to a less than nice year.

Thank you, Scott, for the gifts, and for reminding me of why we're all here.

It's all about sharing, innit?



Suggestions, please

Posted on: Tuesday 12/11/2012 01:59:32

I have to go through a webinar, but the requirements are Google Internet Explorer 6,7 or 8.
One computer used Safari, another Firefox, and when I got home I realized that our desktop runs Internet Explorer 9. Apparently this is too new for their requirements.
Is there a way to take a computer back to where I can get through this webinar?
Have a great Tuesday, and thanks!

Of course!

Posted on: Thursday 11/29/2012 04:51:20

Homemade shirt mask!


Sekrit Santa Questionairre

Posted on: Tuesday 11/27/2012 10:06:21

Another year has passed...

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you over this past year, your personalities through your words.

I feel like I have everything I could reasonably want, so I'll try to fill this out in the spirit of fellowship.

1. Movies- I tend to enjoy documentaries and concerts. DVDs with commentary tracks and bonus features.
                  Having suffered a childhood without cable television, I am afraid that I have missed out on many of the great titles of 
                  our time. I would love to know your tastes in the classics. Casablanca? Gone With The Wind? The Maltese Falcon?
                  I love Pink Floyd's The Wall, any movie about US Marines, westerns. Not Spaghetti Westerns, mind you. 

2. Colour?    Brunette

3. Collections- Brunettes.
                        Okay, seriously. I have a room full of basically the same bass guitar. *I* know the differences.
                        I like variations on a theme. I love records, coins, and anything else that is round and can be put in 
                        chronological order.

4. Animals- Cats, but I recently had to put our white domestic longhair to sleep because he had developed a heart condition, so 
                   I am done with cats for the next few years.

5. Books/Authors- This is where I would ask for your recommendations. You are the best read lot I could imagine. I loved
                              Catcher In the Rye, and some Vonnegut. I usually read biographies and shit.

6. Music- Again, I would be open to ideas from you. I have everything I can imagine, in stereo, in mono, acoustic versions, live 
                versions, bootleg studio tracks, you name it. As far as what I listen to, it's almost never American. The Doors and REM
                were exceptions. The Who from Shepard's Bush. The Cure from Crawley. Crowded House were Kiwis. I like most any
                band that would scoff at being described once too often as "Beatlesque."

7. Drink- Cuervo and Maker's Mark

8. Cook- I would starve

9. Foodie- I felt like one recently when I didn't enjoy the new Mexican restaurant.

10. Sweet tooth- My tastes have changed over the years. In past years, I would munch a whole box of Andes Mints while
                           reading "A Confederacy Of Dunces" or something in bed. Now, I can't stand the thought of sweet stuff.

11. Food allergies- Pickled eggs

12. Pets- Buddy (Golden Retriever), Suki (ChowChow), Briscoe (Cairn Terrorist) and a Persian cat named Doksony, which may
                or may not be Korean for "dog turd."

13. Local souvenirs- Yes.
                                  My friends drove to California one year. They almost brought me back a tumbleweed because they knew
                                  that I would appreciate it.

14. Hobbies- I love train shit. I used to collect HO scale stuff, but it was last seen in Mom's attic around 1986.

I had a great time last year with SS. Mando is right- the real joy is getting to know each other a little more.